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Step by step instructions to Download, and Run Windows 10 on a Macbook or iMac

In this article you will check step by step guide on how to download, install and run Windows 7 on a Macbook or iMac. So, if you're looking for something related, then keep reading.

Few month ago Microsoft's finally announced its upcoming version of Windows called as Windows 10. It comes with lots of handy feature which make this operating system special. Software giant already shared Windows 10 Technical preview so that people can help Microsoft to make this operating system more stable.

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If you're Mac user and want to try check how upcoming Windows 10 going to look like, then you can keep reading this tutorial. Bonus is, like Windows users you don't have to pay for a Windows license or already have Windows on your Mac, as is free to use and test.


Intrigued? Let’s dig in.


What you're will require:

  • You need an 8+GB Pen drive 
  • Windows 10 Preview ISO File
  • Technical Knowledge and 15 minutes. 

Note: Smile, All of your data in OS X will remain untouched, no worries.


Step by Step Guide to Download, Install and Run Windows 10 on Macbook or iMac


1. First of all Download Windows 10 Upgrade  Technical Preview ISO file from here (To get ISO file you need to join the Insider program first).

2. Next you need to connect your pen drive and open the Boot Camp Assistant.

3. After that click continue and select how your drive will be split between OS X and Windows.

4. Keep following the instructions until it reboots to the Windows installer.

5. Now you need to follow the Window installer instruction as well. Keep in mind, if Windows Installer say that Windows cannot be installed in partition created by Boot Camp, you need to delete and create one from the Windows installer.




6. That's it you're done, Enjoy Windows 10 on Macbook or iMac


Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can use the Boot Camp Manager in the system tray on Windows, If you want to boot into Mac OS X again.
  • You can also use the Startup Disk preference, to go to Windows from OS X

So give a try to this tutorial and enjoy Windows 10 on a Macbook or iMac. :D Also, don't forget to share, what you think about upcoming version of Windows by software giant.